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The Inn „Zum Schildhauer“ looks back on a long history.

The Schildhauer estate was built around 1800 and bore the house and farm name „Schildhauer Lies“. It used to belong to the Seeon Monastery manor. Since 1904 it has been run as an inn.

Up to the present day, the property has had 9 different owners (written down since 1846). In 1939, the Schildhauer family acquired the property, having previously been tenants at the „Sießlbräu Inn“ in Halfing. As their son was slightly handicapped by an illness, they took in a ward – Maria Zeller – who was the child of relatives of theirs. She later married a farmer’s son, butcher Josef Mayer, in 1950 and the two of them took over the inn and butcher’s shop from their foster parents.

In 1963, the old inn was taken down and the new inn with guest rooms was built in two stages. The host couple Josef and Maria Mayer continued to build and modernize the inn in the following years, e.g. the subsequent installation of showers and toilets in the rooms, as well as balconies and the butcher’s shop. In 1976, the old shed with the horse and pig stables was demolished and an indoor swimming pool with some guest rooms was built there. In 1995, the hall and the toilets were rebuilt, as well as the cold stores, which dated back to 1955. In the following years, the kitchen, sauna area, lift and terrace were added. Also the installation of a Grander system, which supplies the whole house with Grander water. The last conversions to a modern hotel were already made by the children and successors in the hotel business.